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Several consulting missions for the implementation of Agile organization based on the SAFe® framework are available.


We cover both simple Agile teams working on a single product, as well as large solution implementations consisting of several trains and teams working in hybrid mode (Agile & Cycle in V). We work with CIOs and Transformation Directors to set up the Target organization.


We are also involved in the implementation of "Enablers" type trains and the management of all dependencies


We use the SAFe® framework but we adapt it to your needs and your context, being very attentive to the maturity of your teams.

Au travail


We have carried out multiple Audits in fixed price mode on technical and/or organizational subjects.

Non-exhaustive list of our latest Audits:

  • Technical audit of a Death formalities management application to help buyers enhance the technical asset

  • Complete audit of an IS of a senior assistance structure as part of the control of this structure at group level

  • Organizational audit of a central IT entity of a group in connection with the strategy of creating a common IT operator for the group

  • Technical audit of website infrastructures in view of a migration to cloud-based hosting

  • ....

Open space


We have supported CIOs and Digital teams in their transformation through various missions and in particular:

  • Implementation of Digital Factory for large accounts (≈ 50 resources) as well as for small structures (≈10-15 resources)

  • Creation of an IS master plan based on a land use plan supplemented by the application debt reduction strategy

  • Support in the construction of omnichannel customer/collaborator journeys via Design Thinking and Value Stream approaches.....   


We have accompanied various partners during the launch of calls for tenders in order to help them:

  • Write their specifications

  • Identify bidders

  • Organize defenses

  • Analyze the offers and establish a scoring

  •   Accompanying the launch of the project

  • Define the client-side project target organization and the associated governance 

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